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296 GTB



Your Official Dealer for Ferrari in Geneva

Since 2004, Modena Cars has been the Official Dealer for Geneva and the Lake Geneva Region for the prestigious Italian brand Ferrari

Passion, professionalism, service, sharing and friendship are the values of our team. Your total satisfaction is our goal.

Modena Cars is offering a 360° service : new model range, pre-owned and certified cars, its own racing department and a section for « FERRARI CLASSICHE« , an official certification center, safe storage and valet car parking.

Everything is fitted in an elegant and friendly atmosphere in the most dynamic and prestigious business area of Plan Les Ouates, just 10 minutes away from the airport and 5 kms from the city centre.

We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom soon.


Our passionate, professional team is on hand to take care of your car and work with you to satisfy all your automotive needs.


Ferrari Classiche

Discover the Ferrari Classiche official program, designed to preserve the patrimony of Ferrari, incarnating the level of excellence, in terms of performance and technology.

Quality Charter

Read about Modena Cars’commitment to providing high-quality services and customer care.



To make its Quality Policy operational and concrete, the Modena Cars Management has defined the following initiatives :
Receiving Customers in welcoming and discreet spaces, which can be perceived by the Customer as a meeting place.
To guarantee high levels of quality in the provision of services through a staff prepared, cordial and always available to listen to and satisfy the requirements of the Customers.
To make the delivery of the Customer’s car unique, in compliance with established deadlines and car characteristics.
Rapidly propose solutions for the expressed and implied requirements of the Customers.
Involve Customers in exclusive events.
Create a personalized relationship of trust with the technician, always ready to solve with care the problems reported by the Customer.
To serve the Client in full transparency of the activities carried out and in compliance with the planned deadlines and costs.
Provide the Client with additional services that anticipate its requirements.
Involve all company personnel in the level of satisfaction expressed by the Customers regarding the service received.
Monitors the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the business processes described by the QMS.
Quickly address and resolve any critical aspects of the service provided.