Maserati Introduces Three Limited Editions at Chengdu Motor Show 2019

Maserati captivated the audience at the Chengdu Motor Show 2019 with the Chinese debut of three limited editions. The Quattroporte Edizione Nobile, Levante Edizione Nobile and Ghibli Ribelle, represent the latest expressions of luxury and exclusivity from the Trident brand. The stand also displayed a stunning fleet from the Maserati MY19 range.

Maserati Limited Editions: Exclusive Refinement Featuring Unparalleled Luxury

Three limited editions – The Quattroporte Edizione Nobile, Levante Edizione Nobile, and Ghibli Ribelle – not only showcase Maserati’s innate Italian elegance and passion, but also demonstrate true Italian luxury through an exclusive colour palette and personalization options for Trident lovers who value the premium experience.

The Quattroporte Edizione Nobile and Levante Edizione Nobile are characterized by the exclusive Blu Nobile colour which features a deep texture, enhancing the models with a striking and extremely distinctive appearance. The glossy lacquer, highlighted by the lines and curves of the vehicle, creates a stunning visual effect, while the shadow and highlighting created by the curves exudes luxury and nobility.

As for the interior, the theme of ultimate exclusivity and luxury is seen throughout the cabins with a unique two-tone black-and-tan colour combination which is an exclusive feature of these limited editions. The sport seats are crafted from sumptuous “Pieno Fiore” leather, offering a soft feel and smooth texture, while the natural tanning treatment ensures the premium leather develops character over time.

The distinctive detailing of the rims and interiors enhances each unique charm of these two classics. The Quattroporte Edizione Nobile is equipped with 20-inch Perseo rims with silver brake calipers for a bold metallic look, while the elegance of the interior shines through in Rovere Veneer wooden design detailing and the distinctive Trident logo embroidery on the headrests.The 20-inch Efesto rims, specially designed to enhance performance, and the distinctive grille, show off the Levante Edizione Nobile’s unparalleled sportiness.

The Ghibli Ribelle boasts a sportier and even more sophisticated presence thanks to the metallic tone of the Nero Ribelle mica colour paired with the glossy black 20-inch Urano rims and the eye-catching red calipers. The powerful profile is perfectly matched by the unique two-tone black-and-red interior design. The premium leather sports seats express the excellent attention to detail of the designers. Aluminium gearshift paddles and sport-inspired 3D carbon fibre twill interior trim work together to emphasize the luxury sedan.

The three limited-edition models are all equipped with sports steering wheels and sports seats. The seats offer excellent support, while the sports steering wheel offers an agile handling experience, allowing the driver to experience outstanding performance and control to truly express their passion for driving. The uniqueness of the Quattroporte, Levante and Ghibli in limited editions is further emphasized by a chromed aluminium badge bearing the legendary Trident combined with the limited-edition notes. Located on the central console, it is clearly visible to highlight the exclusivity of these limited-edition vehicles.

The 2019 Maserati Line-up: Authentic Italian Excellence

At the 2019 Chengdu Motor Show, Maserati also displayed the Levante GranLusso, the Maserati SUV with the soul of a grand tourer, along with the luxurious and elegant Ghibli GranLusso. The upgraded 2019 models, with their unmatched Italian flavour, excellent driving experience and extensive personalization options, won great favour among Chinese consumers.

The essence of Italian design that Maserati so richly expresses is encapsulated in the Ghibli’s exquisite contours and its flowing dynamism, as well as in the Levante’s distinctive lines.

The 2019 models offer a wide range of different interior styles, leathers, paint colours, wheels and calipers, providing a host of choice for different preferences. Also on offer are two personalized packages: the GranLusso and the GranSport trims, which each represent the duality of Maserati’s soul: luxury and sportiness.

Through this dual character and wide range of customization options, consumers can experience Maserati’s seemingly infinite possibilities. Each Maserati perfectly demonstrates superb luxury and refinement, extraordinary style, exemplary comfort, and incredible driving performance. This is the Maserati experience, an exquisitely balanced combination of qualities that are unique to this Italian icon.

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