Ferrari Hokkaido Rally
Ferrari Hokkaido Rally 2016

The first Ferrari Hokkaido Rally took place over two separate weekends in June for Japanese clients and for Southeast Asian clients. These Ferrari GT cars, driven by clients from all across the Far East region, explored some of the most beautiful corners of Hokkaido – the largest and northernmost prefecture of Japan. There were a total of around 30 Prancing Horse GT Cars joining both tours to strengthen the relationship between Ferrari owners in Japan as well as in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The Ferrari Hokkaido Rally was created by Ferrari Far East as a driving platform for the region and also as part of the 50 Years of Ferrari in Japan Anniversary activities. While Ferrari was born on the race track due to Enzo Ferrari’s passion for racing, Ferrari has a tradition from the very beginning of producing GT cars ideal for enjoying on the open roads. This event was organized to provide not only a delightful journey to stunning areas which showcase the region’s beautiful nature, but also as an opportunity to enhance ownership experiences in a fun and relaxing atmosphere that Ferrari can offer.

It was a tour filled with passion and friendship, with each activity organized to intensify togetherness and savour the experience of driving through alluring roads in Hokkaido. The Ferrari owners from Japan as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have become closer friends. This experience of driving together is yet another milestone event to enhance the passion they all share for Ferrari, which certainly left an endearing memory for the participants of the first Ferrari Hokkaido Rally.

FERRARI HOKKAIDO RALLY 2016-7 Ferrari Hokkaido Rally Ferrari Hokkaido Rally Ferrari Hokkaido Rally Ferrari Hokkaido Rally Ferrari Hokkaido Rally

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