Vettel on the road in a California T

Formula 1 has paused for just three weeks, time enough for the Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel to visit the German-based Ferrari team in Wiesbaden. The four-time world champion arrived at the offices of Ferrari Central / East Europe GmbH to personally greet the team responsible for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

After a very pleasant breakfast together, the 28-year-old then took the opportunity to drive a Ferrari California T around the Wiesbaden and the Rheingau and Untertaunus regions. The V8 Gran Turismo flawlessly handled the curvy lanes that characterize the picturesque wine producing area of Hessen where a number of local residents were naturally pleasantly surprised to see the F1 champion driving by.

During his visit, Vettel said, “I really enjoyed my visit to the German Ferrari headquarters and the opportunity to get to know their team. Between races there is often no time for a visit, as I’m either training at the races or at the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello for simulator and engineering work. Also we are involved in quite a lot of international events, so it was just a very nice opportunity to come to Wiesbaden yesterday for a change. At the same time it was great to get the opportunity to drive the Ferrari California T on the roads of my own home country too! I enjoyed the turbo V8’s acceleration and the engine sound that recalls Ferrari’s traditional units”.

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