MASERATI ghibli s


At the wheel of the Ghibli S, the driver enters a whole new dimension of luxury, refinement, power and exhilaration. According to one’s mood, the car delivers calm and relaxation or excitement and adrenaline in equal measures.

On a long motorway journey with all the time in the world, there’s the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings in total tranquillity, whereas on a fast, winding road with a pressing appointment ahead, the Ghibli S displays its other nature, responding instantly to every command and producing the kind of performance for which Maserati is world renowned. The 3.0 litre Twin Turbo V6 engine in the Ghibli S is designed to deliver an awe inspiring driving experience, generating 410 horsepower (301 kW) at 5500 rpm and, in Sport mode, reaching a maximum torque of 550 Nm at just 1750 rpm.

An incredible 183 Nm of torque per litre means exceptional responsiveness at the slightest flexing of the right foot. 


The soft leather and exquisite stitching, the epitome of traditional craftsmanship, are essential features of every Maserati: on the Ghibli S, leather is used as standard on the seats and can also be used on the dashboard and the door to create original two-tone combinations. Not to mention the care to detail that is evident in the finishes on the central tunnel and the door trims.

The long wheelbase provides occupants with one of the roomiest interiors in the sports sedan category: the wraparound front seats underline the interior’s sporty feel while also guaranteeing greater comfort. The rear bench, complete with fold-away central arm with two cup-holders and storage compartment, can accommodate up to three passengers.


When designing the Ghibli S, Maserati drew on all its experience in the manufacturing of GT cars of unmistakable class and top-quality performance, thrilling to drive yet comfortable, to create a unique, eye-catching and extraordinary sedan. A sporty soul that is immediately clear from the sculpted forms of the body, linked by clearly defined lines that generate movement.

A closer look at the car’s streamlined silhouette reveals a host of references to the Maserati tradition. The concave vertical fillets of the radiator grille are inspired by the GranTurismo and the A6 GCS Berlinetta, a famous icon from the past; also noticeable are the three large air vents behind the front wheels, with their new, more modern look, and the iconic oval Maserati “Saetta” logo on the triangular C-pillar.


The 2.979 litre Twin Turbo V6 installed on the Ghibli S is designed to provide a powerful driving experience; it generates 410 horsepower (301 kW) at 5,500 rpm and in Sport mode reaches a maximum torque of 550 Nm at just 1,750 rpm. The amazing specific torque value of 183 Nm per litre ensures an aggressive response that will deliver pure excitement with the slightest touch of the right foot.

The V6 engine is fitted with twin parallel-mounted low-inertia turbines, which reduce turbo lag to give greater elasticity. Other innovative solutions, designed to ensure greater fuel efficiency, include the high pressure (200 bar) direct injection system, which helps to improve combustion at all rpm, and the use of two continuous phase timing variators on both cylinder heads.

Type V6 60°
Gearbox Automatic 8 gears
Maximum speed 285 km/h
Maximum torque 550 Nm
Maximum power 301 kW (410 CV)
0-100km/h 5 sec.
Weight/power ratio 4,1 kg/CV
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