Upcoming events

As every year, we offer you a large number of lifestyle and automotive events, that, we are certain, will even exceed your expectations.

First of all, come and participate to one of the Grand Prix of 2019 and enjoy the atmosphere at the prestigious Paddock Club. Don’t hesitate to contact us to reserve your tickets « Paddock Club ».

Several International Car shows are are planned for this new season, as our annual home run, the Geneva Motor Show and Francfort Motor Show.

On various occasions, you may test and discover your favourite model of the current range ; join the society of passionates around the recently created events « Passione Ferrari ».

Improve your performances and driving skills with a professional coach at the Corso Pilota Ferrari Driving School in Fiorano.

Come and take part in various VIP events, as the Rallye « Padre Figlio » in Toscany, Tributes Ferrari to Mille Miglia, or Targa Florio, reserved to Ferrari owners.

Finally, join us with your car at one of our track events throughout Europe, enjoy lifestyle and create social relations with passionates, and improve your driving skills with the option to book a personal coach exclusively for you.

No doubt, 2019 will be at least as dynamic and exciting as the years behind us. We look forward seeing you soon !

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